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Open Letter to Draymond Green

An invitation to Champion Justice for Palestinians

Dear Draymond,

My name is Reem Assil I’m a Syrian-Palestinian Oaklander and owner of Reem’s California, an Arab bakery and cafe in the Fruitvale, not too far from Oracle Arena, voted Food & Wine's Top 10 Restaurants of 2018. You’ve always been an inspiration and I am writing to you today to ask you to right a wrong in a way that could have a huge impact on my community.

We love you, Draymond. So much that for the last four years at Reem’s, we have proudly named our spring seasonal wrap the “Draymond Green” because spring season is championship season and, though we couldn’t clinch it this year, you are the heart of our championship team. We’ve always admired your ability to tell it like it is and to stand up for what is right. Last year we were so excited to see you stick it to Trump explaining why the Warriors would not be visiting the White House. You said, “In order to effect change, you have to stand for something.” As Arabs in America who have suffered from the racist and violent policies of Trump’s administration, we need influencers like you to make a change. That was a powerful stand.

So naturally I was shocked to see you in the headlines soon after posing as a "sniper" on a trip organized by Friends of Israel Defense Forces, which, incidentally, is the same organization that Stevie Wonder backed out of playing for at the United Nations' urging, because it wasn't befitting a "messenger of peace." My heart sank to see you holding the guns that slaughtered hundreds of Palestinian civilians, including children, at the border last spring who were non-violently protesting the unbearable conditions of being trapped in the open-air prison of Gaza, surrounded by walls, checkpoints, and one of the strongest militaries on earth. They are the same guns that the Israeli military have used to collaborate with police forces in the United States in trainings on how to suppress and kill black and brown communities.

As a Palestinian, who has witnessed the terror that Israel has imposed on my family and community, seeing this picture of you made me angry and disappointed. My customers and social media followers asked me how I can name a wrap after you knowing that you uplifted the Israeli military.

I am reaching out in hopes that you could make it right. A number of other athletes, such as Michael Bennet, have refused to participate in Israel sponsored trips as part of global campaign of to boycott, divest from, and sanction Israel until there is justice for Palestinians. As an influencer, you have the power to take a stand and inspire others to stand against the violence inflicted on Palestinians.

As we end the spring season, we have a choice to continue next year with one of the most popular wraps in Reem’s history as the Draymond Green and know that it represents you standing up for what is right for all people or we can retire it once and for all.

I hope to keep the wrap but can only do it with your public acknowledgement that this trip was a mistake and that you support freedom, justice, and equality for Palestinians, as well. Now that the season has ended, I hope you will find the time to learn more about the Palestinian experience. There are so many organizations and individuals that fight for the rights of Palestinians - many of which can be found in this Michelle Alexander piece in the New York Times: Time to Break the Silence on Palestine.

A final request. I am a small-business owner with big dreams. I admire you, your work ethic and the way you fight for the people around you. If I could cook you and your fiancee dinner at my restaurant, we could talk about the history of the Holy Land -- but for now, I just ask that you join us, as we join you in advocating for the people who desperately need it.

In Solidarity,
Reem Assil
Owner of Reem’s California