Reem's Mezze Spread
Assorted dips served with Palestinian spiced olives, house-made pickles, and fresh-baked pita. Pricing is per person and must be applied to full party.

Baba Ghanouj (Vg, GF)
Roasted eggplant tahini and garlic dip
Labneh (V, GF)
Thick and tangy yogurt dip
Muhammara (Vg)
Roasted red pepper and walnut dip
Hummus (Vg, GF)
Chickpea, tahini garlic and lemon dip

Mezze Spread with 2 Dips $10/person
Mezze Spread with 3 Dips $11/person
Mezze Spread with 4 Dips $13/person
Additional Pita $1/person

Hungry for more? Add the following:

Assorted Mini savory Pastries +$3/person
Spinach & onion turnovers (Vg)
Akkawi & nigella seed turnovers (V)
Lamb, pomegranate & pine nut turnovers
Za’atar mini’eesh (Vg)

Fattoush Salad +$3/person
Little gem, arugula, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, red onion, herbs, fried pita rusks, pomegranate vinaigrette

Reem's 1-2-3 Spread
Trays for buffets and heartier meals. Pricing is per person and must be applied to full party.

Meat Options
Musakhan (GF, DF) $16/person
Sumac-roasted chicken with caramelized onions
Mujaddara (Vg, GF)
Rice, lentils, spices & fried onions
Fattoush (Vg, GF option)
Little gem, arugula, tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, red onion, herbs, fried pita croutons and pomegranate vinaigrette

Shakriyah (GF) $18/person
Braised lamb, garlic yogurt sauce, parsley and pine nuts
Arabic Rice (Vg)
Spiced rice and fried vermicelli
Fattoush (Vg, GF option)

Vegan Option
Seasonal Veggie Dish (GF, DF) $14/person
Please inquire for this season's veggie option.
Mujaddara (Vg, GF)
Fattoush (Vg, GF option)

Hungry for more? Add the following:

Mezze Spread +$3/person per item
Includes fresh-baked pita, house pickles & olives
Baba ghanouj (Vg, GF) Labneh (V, GF)
Muhammara (Vg) Hummus (Vg, GF)

still hungry?

Add More Bites
Cocktail sized bites on skewers
Shish Tawook +$5/person
Harissa yogurt marinated chicken
Falafel +$3/person
Herbed chickpea fritters with tahini yogurt
Assortment +$4/person


Sweeten the Deal +$3/person
Assortment of Reem's sweets
Walnut Phyllo Pastry
Orange Blossom Shortbread
Sweet Semolina Cake


Quench your Thirst +$3/person
Reem's house-made libations
Damascus Lemonade
Mint & Orange Blossom
Hibiscus Rose Cooler


what people are saying about reem's

"The food was DELICIOUS. It fit within our celebration perfectly."

"Absolutely felt part of the mission of Reem’s. I felt the warmth at every exchange and the food was unparalleled for a catered dinner."

"Reem’s in 3 words - Makes me homesick. Delicious and beautiful. Fills my heart. My co-workers were joyfully enjoying every bite. (sorry - much more than 3 words were necessary).