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Huda Supper Club Pop Up with Chef Abeer Najjar

The Huda Supper Club is an underground food experience created by Chef Abeer Najjar. Appropriately named after the woman that inspired her love for food, Huda Supper Club features cuisine inspired by Chef Abeer's Palestinian roots and Southside Chicago upbringing. Huda Supper Club combines a thoughtful meal with great company, all within an intimate setting. A unique menu meets the comfort of a family dinner making it a memorable experience.

For its Bay Area debut, Chef Abeer presents a special edition of Huda Supper Club called "Nawashif." This menu and dining experience will be in the spirit of "Nawashif," a shared meal common in Palestinian culture, with inspiration from Chef Abeer's upbringing and a focus on seasonal ingredients.

Menu: 6-course offering in spirit of Nawashif

Akkawi | Fig | Tahini | Pomegranate Molasses | Za'atar

Fatteh | Eggplant | Tomato | Beef | Pita | Yogurt

Taco | Potato | Mhamarra | Tahini | Tamarind

Kibbeh | Pumpkin | Lamb | Mint | Cucumber | Sumac

Sorbet | Lemon | Mint

Mhalabiyya | Orange | Coffee | Biscuit | Pistachio

(Menu Details subject to change based on availability and seasonality)


Seats are very limited. The meal will start on time, so please be punctual. You are encouraged to arrive up to 30 minutes before the meal starts to enjoy small bites and socialize while the magic comes together.

Ticket holders will receive the details regarding location, logistics, and any additional necessary information about a week prior to Supper Club.



Q: Who should attend?
A: Anyone who loves good food and great company.

Q: Is this event invite-only?
A: No, this event welcomes all. If you have a friend that you think would enjoy this, share it with them!

Q: Is the meal vegetarian?
A: Each supper club has a specific menu, usually featuring a variety of dishes including meat, seafood, and poultry unless noted otherwise.

Q: Do I have to pay in advance?
A: Yes, purchasing your ticket in advance is necessary to reserve your spot and ensures enough food is made to go around.

Q: How do I find out the exact location?
A: The exact location of the event will be sent out to everyone that purchases a ticket.

Q: Is there parking?
A: The location for this specific Supper Club is accessible by Public Transportation (BART). There is also street and garage parking available nearby. As always, we ask that you give yourself ample time to find parking and arrive to the dinner on time.

Q: What should I wear?
A: No dress code.

Q: Is the meal Zabiha/Halal?
A: All meat served at Huda Supper Club is Zabiha/Halal. In addition, we try our best to source natural and organic ingredients and to support local producers.