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Azoumeh Pop Up: Teta Nahla's Eid Azoumeh

Join us for another Azoumeh Pop Up at Reem’s!

About Azoumeh:

Azoumeh is concept created by Chef Mohammad Abutaha to share the flavors, meals and traditions he was raised with in Jordan. Through Azoumeh, we seek to create spaces for people to share a communal meal and experience Arab traditions outside the Arab world. See below for more information about the pop up, and menu.

Teta, Grandmother in arabic, Nahla is my grandmother. Every Eid the whole family would gather at her house for breakfast. But Teta Nahla did not make an ordinary breakfast. She would stay up all night prepairing a Kharoof Mahshi, a whole lamb stuffed with spiced rice and pine nuts and our family's signature dish, Allayet Bandoora, which is a tomato stew that consists of onions, garlic and tomatoes cooked down for hours until it's a beautiful sauce that we serve along side the stuffed lamb.

With this dinner I wanted to recreate that childhood memory of going to my Teta's house and having the whole family together enjoying amazing food and great company.


-Arabice coffe

-Zaatar o ziet

-House made pickles and olives

-Seasonal Fatteh


-Alayet Bandoora

-Kharoof Mahshi