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Azoumeh Pop-Up: Ramadan Iftar

Azoumeh literally translates to "dinner party" in Arabic, but more than that, it is an occasion where people are invited over to share a special meal, whether it is for a wedding, an engagment, or even graduation. It is a way to share joy with the community around you, and on most occasions, if it's big enough, the doors will be open to anyone passing by to come in and partake in the celebration. Most of the time, meals cooked for an azoumeh are special foods only enjoyed on such unique occasions.

With this series of pop-up dinners, we want to recreate that space of joy and togetherness that comes with gathering around a communal meal. For those far from home, we want to bring a sense of home and belonging here to the Bay Area.

Ramadan is the month of Azoumehs! In this month Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, and when it comes time to break our fast it becomes a time of unity in which everyone comes around the table at the exact same time and enjoys a beautiful table of many different dishes.


Red Lentil Soup

Assorted House Pickles and Olives

Fattet Magdus: Fried pita, eggplant, tomatoe sauce, yogurt

Fattoush Salad: mixed greens, mint, sumac, crutons

Assorted Samboosak: Arabic Samosas filled with lamb or potatoe

Hindbeh: dandalion greens

Warak Dawali (Warak Einab): Grape leaves stuffed with rice and minced lamb

Qatayef 3 ways: chees stuffed, walnut stuffed, ishta stuffed