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Azoumeh: An Arab Dinner Party

Azoumeh literally translates to "dinner party" in Arabic, but more than that, it is an occasion where people are invited over to share a special meal, whether it is for a wedding, an engagment, or even graduation. It is a way to share joy with the community around you, and on most occasions, if it's big enough, the doors will be open to anyone passing by to come in and partake in the celebration. Most of the time, meals cooked for an azoumeh are special foods only enjoyed on such unique occasions.

With this series of pop-up dinners, we want to recreate that space of joy and togetherness that comes with gathering around a communal meal. For those far from home, we want to bring a sense of home and belonging here to the Bay Area.

For this Azoumeh we will be serving Maqloubeh! Maqloubeh literally translates to "flipped upside down." The name comes from the way the dish is presented in which we flip the pot full of rice, veggies, meat and yummy goodness upside down on a big platter. Maqloubeh comes in many diffrent versions; we will be serving the version made with rice with cauliflower, potatoes, carrots and chicken, as well as a a vegetarian option, served with our classic Arabic salad and yogurt. Maqlubeh is mainly a Palestinian dish but can be found throught the Levant. For dessert we will offer Mamoul Madd. Mamoul is a stuffed cookie traditionally served on holidays.

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