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Inshallah Bernie! Bay Area Muslims for Bernie Organizing Kickoff

Calling all Bay Area Muslims! We're excited to launch Bay Area Muslims for Bernie 2020, and we want you with us!

Join our historic campaign to defeat Trump and transform America! With a president in office who actively stokes hatred against Muslims, the stakes have never been higher for us as a community in a presidential election -- never has they're been a more critical time for us as American Muslims to be politically engaged.

Join us on April 27th to hear a live broadcast from Senator Sanders about our vision and what it’s going to take to root out Trump and complete the political revolution. We're excited to work with community leaders across the country to build out the Muslim wing of Bernie's grassroots army of volunteers and supporters. With the most delegates up for grabs of the early primary states, California is going to be a fierce battleground for votes - especially in the Bay Area where many candidates have strong home ties - and Bernie needs our help.

Not only can we help Bernie win California, but we can also build up our power and visibility locally and nationally as a Muslim voter bloc in the process, much like Muslims and Arabs in Michigan did when they helped pull off the biggest political upset in American history for Senator Sanders on 2016.

So join us on April 27! Show up for the candidate who's repeatedly shown up for American Muslims and help us fight back against Trump. It’s going to take all of us, so let’s get to work!

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