A La Carte

Please allow at least 48 hours advance notice for pickup orders. Pickup is available during business hours only. Place your order by calling (510) 689-2927 or by emailing catering@reemscalifornia.com. We will ask for you credit card info to hold the order and will charge you at the time of pickup. Any left orders will be charged 50%.

Large Mu'ajinaat Orders
Minimum order of one dozen

Fatayer Sabanikh $33/dozen
Spinach & Onion Turnovers(vegan)

Fatayer Jibneh $44/dozen
Akkawi & Nigella Seed Turnovers (vegetarian)

Sfeeha $55/dozen
Lamb, Pomegranate & Pine Nut Turnovers (contains nuts)

Assortment $44/dozen

Flatbread Parbakes
Our signature flatbreads made for baking at home to enjoy fresh and hot. Minimum order of one dozen.
Za'atar Mana'eesh $66/dozen
Cheese Mana'eesh $77/dozen

Reem's Lunchboxes
Each lunchbox comes with one of our signature saj wraps, a small fattoush salad, pickles & olives and a cookie. Minimum order of 10 lunchboxes.
Seasonal Veggie Lunch Box (V) $16/Box
Please inquire about this season's wrap
Pali Cali Lunchbox $18/box
Our famous sumac-braised chicken wrap with caramelized onions & arugula

Traditional Arabic Desserts. Minimum order of one dozen.
Baklawa $33/Dozen
Walnut Phyllo Pastry
Ghraybe $22/Dozen
Orange Blossom shortbread cookies