A La Carte

Please allow at least 72 business hours advance notice for pickup orders. Pickup is available during business hours only. Place your order by filling the form below, calling (510) 689-2927 or by emailing catering@reemscalifornia.com. We will ask for you credit card info to hold the order and will charge you at the time of pickup. Orders are only confirmed when credit card info is taken. Any left orders will be charged 50%.

Please note: Black out hours (no pick ups) are Saturdays and Sundays 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

A la carte orders do not come with serving and eating utensils.

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Large Mu'ajinaat Orders
Minimum order of one dozen.

Fatayer Sabanikh (Vg) $30/dozen
Spinach & Onion Turnovers

Fatayer Jibneh $40/dozen (V)
Akkawi & Nigella Seed Turnovers

Sfeeha $48/dozen
Lamb, Pomegranate & Pine Nut Turnovers
Assortment $40/dozen

Flatbread Take and Bakes
Our signature flatbreads made for baking at home to enjoy fresh and hot. Minimum order of one dozen.
Za'atar Mana'eesh $66/dozen
Cheese Mana'eesh $77/dozen

2-oz chickpea bites with tahini dip on the side. Minimium half tray.
Half tray (40 pieces) $60
Full tray (80 pieces) $120

Drinks and Thirst Quenchers
Our classic drinks served in 96-oz portable carafes with compostable cups and condiments. One carafes serves approximately 12 people. Minimum order of one carafe.
Damascus Lemonade $25/carafe
Hibiscus Rose Cooler $25/carafe
Arabic Coffee $25/carafe

Traditional Arabic Desserts. Minimum order of one dozen.
Baklawa $30/Dozen
Walnut Phyllo Pastry
Ghraybe $20/Dozen
Orange Blossom Shortbread
Nammoura $25/Dozen
Semolina Cakes w/ Pistachio and Coconut

Take & Bake Kenafeh
$25/round tray (serves 4-6) | $40/half tray (serves 9-12)
Sweet Cheese, shredded phyllo, rosewater & orange blossom syrup & pistachios

Saj Platters
Signature wraps by the tray (feeds 15-20)
Seasonal $100/tray
Inquire about current seasonal wrap
MLM $120/tray
Sujuk (Armenian beef sausage, mozerella, arugula & tomatoes)

House-Made Dips
Enjoy our dips by the quart (feeds 15-20). A la carte dips are in quart containers and are not garnished.
Hummus $25/quart
Labneh $25/quart
Muhammara $30/quart
Baba Ghanouj $30/quart

Pita Breads
Our signature breads served whole. A-la-carte pita orders are not cut.
3 pita $5

Fattoush Salad
Salads by the bowl. Comes with pita chips and dressing on the side.
Small $25/bowl
Feeds 8-10 people

Large $45/bowl
Feeds 15-20 people

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